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Steffes Whole House (Forced Air & Hydronic)

Heating Systems

Steffes Comfort Plus Hydronic Heating System The Comfort Plus unit is designed to be the main heating system (forced air) for residential or small commercial applications. The Comfort Plus unit can be a stand alone furnace or installed with a heat pump for greater efficiency and energy savings. It is a versatile appliance that can serve as a back-up for an electric furnace during on-peak times, replace a duct heater, or supplement a fossil fuel system. The Comfort Plus system has the heat storage capacity to provide total comfort 24 hours a day.

The Comfort Plus unit is easy to operate. The amount of heat stored in the brick core is automatically regulated in relation to outdoor temperature and the heating requirements of the user. When the room thermostat calls for heat, heat is extracted from the unit's storage core and is distributed evenly into the home until the heat call has been satisfied.

The Comfort Plus unit has sensing devices that monitor the core, the supply and the discharge air temperatures to ensure maximum safety while providing optimum comfort. A heat pump, air conditioner, electronic air cleaner, central humidifier, and programmable thermostat can easily be integrated to offer year round comfort.  For more information about off-peak heating systems contact offpeak@steffes.com.


The Comfort Plus Hydronic system adds a new dimension to heating by blending hydronic heating with off-peak heating technology. During off-peak hours, when electricity costs and energy usage are substantially lower, the Comfort Plus Hydronic unit converts electricity into heat and stores that heat in specially designed high-density ceramic bricks located inside the unit. Through the use of a heat exchanger, this stored heat is transferred as needed from the storage media to a water or glyco solution, which is circulated to areas where the heat is needed.

The system is extremely flexible and can handle multiple heating zones.
Heat can be delivered via a radiant floor system, baseboard radiation, free standing radiators, a forced air system, or almost any combination of zoned delivery systems. The Comfort Plus Hydronic can also be used as a supplement to a single or multiple heat pumps. The Comfort Plus Hydronic system is easy to operate. Just set the room thermostat to the desired comfort level and enjoy the safe, clean, reliable, and economical heat this off-peak hydronic system provides.  
To learn about off-park heating systems contact offpeak@steffes.com.

Load Management Controls

Several control devices are manufactured by Steffes for use as load management devices or to interface with current systems. These controls are designed to regulate when the Steffes Heating System can charge and also control when energy can be used by other devices.

Wireless "Power Line Carrier" systems are available which can reduce the cost of installation and provide great flexibility. PLC Transmitter provides wireless communication to Steffes Heating Systems for on-peak and off-peak operation and automatic (weather responsive) charge control.

PLC Mini Receivers provide remote control capability via communication from the PLC transmitter of standard electric circuits/appliances such as water heaters, electric baseboards, floor heat, hot tubs, etc.

Comfort Control Relay Panel regulates on-peak and off-peak operation of Steffes Heating Systems and non-Steffes loads such as electric baseboards, water heaters, ceiling cable, hot tubs, etc.

Steffes Accessory Items include additional accessory items and controls that regulate comfort and operation of heating equipment.
To learn more about off-peak heating systems contact offpeak@steffes.com.